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Canada is the second largest country in the world and there’s no shortage of beautiful landscapes and unique attractions for travellers from all over the world to explore. Popular attractions include: the CN Tower, Art Gallery of Ontario, Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Niagara Parks, Canada’s Wonderland. All these attractions have one thing in common: they all use OTT Pay payment solutions and marketing strategies to attract global visitors.

It’s no secret that tourists and sightseeing go hand-in-hand. With OTT Pay, Chinese tourists are able to purchase tickets, souvenirs, and more with their preferred methods of payment. OTT Pay’s partnership with Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada since 2018 has helped Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada attract local and overseas visitors, facilitating mobile payments through WeChat Pay and Union Pay. OTT Pay also plans and launches seasonal marketing campaigns, both overseas and locally, to help drive ticket sales.

Niagara Parks, an agency of the Government of Ontario, has partnered with OTT Pay since 2019 to introduce Chinese mobile payment options at Niagara Parks. Niagara Parks is committed to growing and supporting the tourism industry in Niagara, Ontario and Canada by enhancing the experience of Chinese tourists and locals at Niagara Parks, while increasing destination awareness within this important and continually growing market.

In partnership with OTT Pay, Niagara Parks is able to welcome and accept the preferred payment methods of Chinese travellers (WeChat Pay, Alipay and UnionPay QR Code) at its attractions, restaurants and retail stores, most notably at its newly renovated Table Rock Centre. Additionally, OTT Pay plans and launches seasonal marketing campaigns targeting the growing Chinese market to increase awareness and traffic for Niagara Parks and the entire Niagara region.

Ripley’s Aquarium was one of the first attractions in Toronto to implement WeChat Pay and Alipay. As a company we find it important to adopt the latest technologies especially systems that make it easier for guests to visit. Since launching WeChat Pay and Alipay we have seen more and more Chinese visitors visiting and choosing mobile payment apps.”

General Manager, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

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