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Everything starts with knowing your customer. We provide our clients with consumer insights amongst diverse segments to develop actionable and measurable marketing strategies and tactics. We help businesses test new product launches, build and increase brand perception, usage, and sales.

OTT Pay is the official payment and marketing partner of Alipay, WeChat Pay and China Union Pay in Canada. This relationship gives us access to unique advertising and marketing opportunities available on their platforms, which enables us to offer targeted social media initiatives, and location-based digital and mass marketing services for our clients.

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Other Specialty Marketing Services

1. WeChat Official Account Set-Up and Registration

A WeChat Official Account is your home page in the WeChat ecosystem. You can use it to tell your story, engage with potential customers and gain followers. WeChat users who follow your WeChat Official Account will see your news about upcoming events, promotions, and updates. You can also use it to introduce products and services through images, videos and audio descriptions. You can even sell your products and solutions directly through your Official Account!

Strategy Application & Operations

Planning & Content Creation

2. WeChat Moment Advertisement

WeChat Moment Ads, similar to Facebook Timeline ads, are an effective way to reach WeChat active users. The ads are distributed through the WeChat Moment page where users obtain updates on their friends’ activities through shared messages, photos or videos. OTT Pay is an authorized agent of Tencent in Canada with the right to buy WeChat Moment ads on behalf of our clients.

Planning & Content Creation

WeChat Banner Ad & Program

3. WeChat Mini Programs

The WeChat Mini Program is a revolutionary platform with enhanced functionality, such as e-commerce, that users can access without leaving the WeChat app. WeChat mini-programs are highly customizable and can be catered to the merchant’s store needs. Inventory, shipping information, product/service display, etc. can be formatted and designed to your needs. We can also synch merchant WeChat official accounts to their E-Commerce store on the web, so product inventory and data are always correct for your customers.

4. Alipay Discover Platform

The Alipay Discover platform allows you as a merchant to market your products and services to Alipay users to boost brand exposure. A virtual store front can be created for you on the Alipay Discover platform. E-coupons can also be displayed for users to redeem for discounts. The Alipay Discover platform also allows users to provide reviews and share their comments with other users.

Alipay Discover Platform Registration

Planning & Content Creation