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Device and POS Integration

Device Integration

Official Partner

OTT Pay partners with
the largest payment companies in North America.

Save Space

No additional terminal required if you are currently using a compatible device.

Easy To Set Up

Simply download the OTT app to your existing terminal and be ready to accept new payment methods.

All-In-One Payments

Supports WeChat Pay, Alipay and UnionPay QR code through the OTT app.

Systems Supported: 

  • Ingenico MOVE 5000 & DESK 5000 by Global Payments Canada
  • Ingenico MOVE 5000 & DESK 5000 by Chase Merchant Services Canada
  • Poynt V2 & Poynt 5 by Elavon
  • Clover Flex C401U by Fiserv

POS System Integration


A seamless experience for your customers.

Convenient Setup

Get started right away with easy implementation.

Quick Payments

No need to handle cash or credit cards with a card reader.

24-7 Monitoring

With the OTT app, receive payment notifications, authorize refunds, and view transaction history.

Systems Supported: 

- Tender Retail

- Touch Bistro

- Retail Pro/CRS

- DCS Technology

- Mrs. Digi

- Wisetronic

- Light Speed

- Tech Rider

- Profitek