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OTT Pay on Shopify

OTT Pay plug-in within Shopify connects store owners with various major payment channels. It provides an easy transaction solution in a reliable, stable and efficient manner.  OTT Pay serves shoppers all over the world with the right payment solution to fit their needs.

Merchant Benefits

Ease of implementation

  • Official Shopify plug-in by OTT Pay is easy to install and requires no complex IT development.
  • It supports both WeChat Pay and UnionPay credit card payments through one adoption.

Access to bigger market that prefers the most popular Chinese payment methods

  • WeChat Pay is the most popular Chinese mobile payment option with 1.3 billion active WeChat users.
  • 925 million UnionPay credit cards issued worldwide are accepted in 181 countries and regions.

Secure transaction and fast settlement

  • Transactions are protected by 3D Secure.
  • Processing order refund easily in Shopify merchant center with one simple click.
  • Real-time updates of payment status and next business day deposit into your bank account.

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