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Smart Payment Device

IF Design Award Winner

Quick, strong and durable design

5.5 inches IPS qHD Sunlight Display

1.3 GHZ (Quad-core processors)

4GB Nand Flash (can run up to 10 Apps at once)



continuous operation



locked stand-by time



printing under full power

Chip Payment Device Awards
Scanner Detail

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Payment Methods

Retail/Offline Payments

OTT Pay's Smart Payment Device
QR Code

Merchant uses OTT Pay's smart device to scan customer's QR Code

QR Code

Customer scans merchant's QR Code on OTT Pay's smart payment device

A fast, secure and efficient method to collect payments within seconds and obtain daily transaction reports that are easy to manage.
Static QR Code
Static QR Code

Customer scans a merchant's static QR Code

Easy to set up, without any need for additional equipment.

Online/Ecommerce Payment Methods

QR Code Website

QR Code integration on merchant's website

Customers can scan the QR Code generated on a merchant’s website to facilitate the payment process and complete a sale.

OTT Pay Hosted Checkout

OTT Pay’s hosted checkout

When customers select Alipay or WeChat Pay, they will be linked to OTT Pay’s online hosted payment page to complete the sale.

OTT Pay's Customized System Integration

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner method

Merchants can use their barcode scanner to scan a customer's QR Code and collect payments.

OTT Payment Device

OTT Pay's smart scanner

Merchants can incorporate OTT Pay's Smart Scanner into their existing POS system.

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Marketing Services

More than a trusted FinTech payment service provider, OTT Pay strives to provide a full marketing strategy package to help your brands reach the Chinese market. Together with our marketing team, we’re confident you’ll tap into the full potential of this growing opportunity.

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