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Canada is emerging as an entertainment hub. More and more musicians and artists are adding Canadian cities to their tours, while hotspots like Toronto and Vancouver are often being used as locations in the latest Hollywood movies. It’s no wonder why arts, entertainment and culture are thriving in this country. Best of all, the Chinese middle class knows this, which is exactly why OTT Pay is an invaluable investment for your business.

With more and more money being spent in the theatres, concert halls, and other creative venues, OTT Pay can help turn Renminbi (RMB) into Canadian dollars (CAD) for your business. And if it makes dollars, it makes sense.

Our story

Go Tours Canada
Go Tours Canada & OTT Pay

To promote some of Toronto’s wonderful tourist
attractions,we partnered up with Go Tours Canada. We
collaborated on integrating our payment solutions and
also our marketing strategies. Being an OTT Pay customer
meant you received 20% off on their tour options. This
meant unique and entertaining tours like their Segway
tours came at a discount for OTT Pay members.


Tap into new money with OTT Pay.