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Food & Beverage

No matter where in the world you’re from, we all have to eat every now and again. But with that comes the work of getting orders right, smiling when dealing with guests, and making sure you put out the best product, every time. OTT Pay can add to your customer service experience.

Whether Chinese consumers are in town for school, visiting family, or just seeing the sights, businesses like yours are perfectly primed to benefit from OTT Pay. Having this payment option on-hand to accommodate this growing market is just the right amount of sugar, spice and everything nice.

OTT Pay has a proven recipe for success when serving the Chinese market too. Our familiar payment solutions inspire trust and security, while our marketing strategies help target consumers, so your business can grow. Rest assured, we are your main ingredient to the Chinese market! Contact us today to learn more about how OTT Pay can cook up a plan for you that is truly 5-star.

Smart Restaurant Solutions

Merchants can advertise, create coupons, start promotions (ex: Group-ons), edit reservations, take orders, accept payments, and manage membership within our one-station solution. It would help lower operation costs and improve profit margins.

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OTT Pay is the Vital Ingredient Trusted Everywhere.

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