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If Chinese consumers are generous in their spending towards entertainment and goods, being able to provide them with a home away from home could be very lucrative for you. After all, splurging on a nice hotel is a big part of being on vacation!

More than a company providing smart payment solutions, OTT Pay strives to help you build a rapport with Chinese travellers before they even arrive in the country. We can provide information about Canada and its culture, as well as tourist attractions, while also assisting in planning their vacations. All these things can make a lasting impression on your customers, further establishing your brand and services throughout the Chinese market.

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Our story

InterContinental Hotel
InterContinental Hotel & OTT Pay

OTT Pay’s partnership with InterContinental Hotel is part of the hotel’s 'China Ready' program initiative. OTT Pay is very happy to help the hotel cater to their Chinese clientele. With this partnership, OTT Pay hopes to help InterContinental Hotels tap into a market of 120,000+ visitors and obtain brand exposure amongst tourists before they arrive in Canada.

Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions & OTT Pay

It's no secret that tourists and sightseeing go hand in hand. With OTT Pay, Chinese tourists would be able to purchase tickets, souvenirs, etc. with their preferred methods of payment. Imagine what that could do for your revenue. Tourists would be able to do what they want, when they want, as often as they want with OTT Pay facilitating their preferred method of payment.

Whether it's touring an art gallery, a skyscraper, or enjoying the local aquarium, OTT Pay opens the door for the Chinese consumer to spend as much as they'd like to enjoy the city!


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