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Even in the fastest moving cities in Canada, no one can sustain themselves on take-out and dining out alone. This is why having OTT Pay in your supermarket can benefit your consumers.

Supermarkets are an essential part of everyday life. Operating in this industry is not only competitive, but it also comes with high operational pressures too. At OTT Pay, we know how difficult of a task this is, which is we offer tailored smart supermarket solutions that work for you.

With OTT Pay, you can expect a reduction in customer queuing time, improved operations efficiency, and a savings of up to 30% of the operating costs. Our goal is not only to provide FinTech solutions, but also creative marketing strategies to help bring in more consumers.

Our Story

Bestco Foodmart & OTT Pay

Integration to their existing workflow

Doesn't change existing workflow

Customers just have to scan their QR code on the code scanner

Each transaction time is only 0.7 seconds, saving operation time and cost

Scanner QR Code Device
Red Pocket
Location-based promotions

Customers can receive "red pockets" when they scan our QR code at participating retail stores. These red pockets act as credit which consumers can apply at participating selected merchants. Best of all, supermarkets have shown an increase in revenue of 20% through "red pocket promotions". That’s excellent news for you, if you’re in the market for more business.


OTT Pay is the Vital Ingredient Trusted Everywhere.

Tap into new money with OTT Pay.