Stay Current in Fintech – Follow the 5 Top Influencers

Aug 18, 2021
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Follow top Fintech influencers for the latest in financial technology trends, digital banking insights, and industry innovations.
Stay Current in Fintech – Follow the 5 Top Influencers

Fintech moves fast. To stay current, it helps to stay close to industry movers and shakers. Here are 5 top Fintech influencers to follow for insights and analysis on the latest developments and innovations.

Chris Skinner

Everyone who wants to stay current in Fintech follows The Finanser, a blog written by top influencer Chris Skinner. Skinner shares daily, independent views on a range of topics in the future of finance – from retail and investment baking, to payments and the supply chain, as well as general technology trends. Readers who want more can consult Skinner’s 16 books on finance and digitization, including ValueWeb, Digital Bank, Doing Digital, and his recent bestseller, Digital Human. As a frequent speaker at leading international industry forums, Skinner has his finger on the pulse of global Fintech trends, and has presented alongside business and world leaders such as Jack Dorsey, Hillary Clinton, Richard Branson, Meg Whitman and Bill Gates. Skinner is Chair of several Fintech networking groups, including Nordic Future Innovation and the Financial Services Club in Europe, and sits on the advisory boards of many Fintech and financial firms.

Get the latest Fintech insights from Chris Skinner on his influential blog, The Finanser.

Dmitry Voronenko

Dmitry Voronenko is an innovator, entrepreneur and decision-maker whose AI-enabled solutions are pushing Fintech forward – fast. Voronenko has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and is CEO and Founder of Singapore-based Turnkey Lender, a company that specializes in end-to-end lending software. Its bank-grade platform automates the lending process, from decision-making to credit risk analysis and mitigation. The solution fills an important Fintech industry gap by making lending automation accessible to small and mid-sized lenders. Voronenko’s lending automation and decision management solutions are used by world investment titans, including the World Bank, Daimler, Sumitomo and Société Générale, and his data-mining software is used by Boeing, GE, TransUnion and Bank of America. Voronenko is paving the way forward with new methods for digitized psychological evaluation and bank statement data analysis. With all these contributions, it’s no surprise Voronenko was named 2019’s Fintech leader of the year by the Singapore Fintech Association.

Learn more about Dmitry Voronenko’s company, research and vision in this interview.

Duena Blomstrom

Duena Blomstrom has made big waves in Fintech with her revolutionary concept of “Emotional Banking.” Bringing her background in psychology and business together, Blomstrom helps leading organizations and banks implement digital strategies in ways that focus on people, rather than financial products. Her goal is to implement human design in banking and finance and bring about deep cultural change in those industries, making them more human. Her watershed book,  Emotional Banking: Fixing Culture, Leveraging FinTech and Transforming Retail Banks into Brands, is a must for anyone who wants to learn about human-centered finance and discover where banking is headed in the 21st century. In addition to her thought leadership, Blomstrom consults on emotional banking and human design, is a mentor at Techstars and Startupbootcamp, and founded FinWinners, a finance-related coaching company. You can find Blomstrom sharing her leading-edge ideas at international events, where she regularly appears as a keynote speaker.

Read more about how Duena Blomstrom is transforming banking on her blog.

Jim Marous

Jim Marous is an internationally known financial industry strategist known for his insights on disruption in banking. He’s also host of Banking Transformed, an engaging and entertaining banking podcast. Weekly episodes feature informative interviews with top industry minds and banking insiders and focus on the leadership and cultural challenges facing the banking industry. Marous is involved in several other go-to Fintech media venues. In 2014, he became co-publisher of the premiere Fintech newspaper, The Financial Brand, and he’s owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Report. When major television and news outlets – from CNBC, to CNN, Forbes, and The Financial Times – need commentary on banking and technology, they turn to Jim Marous for insight and analysis.

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Kahina Van Dyke

Named one of FinTech Futures’ Top 10 women in Fintech in 2020, Kahina Van Dyke boasts over 20 years of experience in banking and technology. The year before, she earned the title of “#1 Global Woman in Fintech” by Financial Technology Report. Van Dyke is currently Global Head of Digital Channels and Data Analytics in CCIB (Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Banking) at London-based, multinational services firm Standard Chartered. Her work is helping them become the leading digital banking platform for global trade. Van Dyke’s impressive career has taken her to every corner of the Fintech world, and she’s held senior management roles at large banks and tech companies (MasterCard, CitiBank), as well as startups (Ripple). She’s been a major driver of Fintech solutions in big banks and her efforts have been instrumental in making financial services apps and SMS an everyday reality in banking services. Kahina Van Dyke is excited to be turning her attention to the future of payment technology.

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Following these 5 major Fintech influencers not only keeps you aware of changes in the finance and technology industry, but hearing from 5 different voices widens your perspective.

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