UnionPay customers can now shop easier on Shopify with an integration from OTT Pay

Feb 16, 2023
4 minutes Read
Shopify integration with UnionPay simplifies cross-border payments for merchants, unlocking global market potential seamlessly.
UnionPay customers can now shop easier on Shopify with an integration from OTT Pay

A new Shopify integration from OTT Pay is changing the game for shoppers and retailers around the world. For the first time, the new integration lets online stores on Shopify accept and easily process payments from UnionPay, the world’s leading bank card network.

As UnionPay is the preferred payment method of many Chinese shoppers, the plug-in will instantly make purchasing faster and more convenient for millions of active customers in the UnionPay network. Seeing the UnionPay logo among the payment options at checkout will turn ordinary e-commerce transactions into winning experiences for UnionPay cardholders worldwide.

A payments partnership built on innovation

This major milestone rests on the innovative mindset of the three participating companies and aligns their vision for the future of e-commerce. UnionPay International, Shopify, and OTT Pay share a common objective – of providing seamless payment experiences that support retail growth and build exceptional e-commerce journeys for shoppers .

UnionPay International is expanding its customer-centric services to more countries and customers worldwide. The partnership with OTT Pay and Shopify is helping the financial services giant fulfill its mission to pave the way for more retail product and payment innovations.

June Chen, General Manager of UPI North America Branch further expounds, “As the leading global bank card network, UnionPay International is committed to offer cardholders an efficient payment service. Through this partnership, we will further improve the ability to meet the diverse needs of cardholders.”

The Shopify plug-in was developed by OTT Pay, a leading financial technology company in Canada. OTT Pay has provided swift, secure, and dependable payment aggregator services to online and in-store merchants since 2017, helping them build superior customer experiences and meet their payment and processing needs.

Shopify, founded in 2006, is a top e-commerce platform used by millions of independent retailers to display their goods and services, attract and connect with customers, and transact business with millions of buyers worldwide. In 2022 alone, Shopify helped online merchants in 175 countries reach 597 million shoppers. Since the company’s founding in 2006, Shopify has generated over $590 billion in sales for millions of retail store owners.

The partnership helps take cross-border payments in new directions. The OTT Pay integration gives Shopify merchants an inroad to new markets through UnionPay, and gives UnionPay customers a more efficient and positive buying experience.

A plug-in that enhances the online brand experience

E-commerce shop owners with online storefronts on Shopify are looking for ways to stand out, reach more people, and do business more easily. Now, with OTT Pay’s new payment integration for Shopify, merchants can instantly expand their payment options to include one of the world’s most widely recognized and commonly used cards.

The easy integration connects to UnionPay and a range of mainstream payment channels. The plug-in lets retailers smoothly, securely, and speedily manage transactions through a robust channel – anytime and anywhere in the world. Online merchants gain the capacity and range to serve UnionPay cardholders through a secure, dependable payment channel from a trusted Canadian payment services provider, active in the e-commerce and cross-border payments industry since 2017.

That easy sales experience gives merchants something to celebrate. When shoppers are empowered to make purchases using the payment methods they love, the brand experience is enriched, customer loyalty grows, and sales revenue increases.

A deeper connection to Chinese customers

OTT Pay has long focused its financial technology expertise and experience on connecting Canadian merchants with Chinese customers through dependable, secure, and easy to use transaction services.  With the new Shopify integration, OTT Pay connects retailers to its extensive service network in China and helps sellers reach 1.1 billion mobile phone users.

OTT Pay is proud to be the first payment service provider in Canada to partner with Shopify to introduce the UnionPay card payment option through its payment processing integration. It will continue to leverage its resources to serve its business partners to expand and simplify the digital payments ecosystem in Canada and around the world.

“OTT Pay is seeking broader partnerships with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify to serve merchants with cost-effective and reliable payment services, while lowering barriers between their businesses and customers,” said Stanley Yu, CEO of OTT Pay.

To learn more about OTT Pay’s cross-border payment and transaction services, and to download the UnionPay integration for Shopify store, call: 1-800-688-9838.