Bolster your online traffic and sales

E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

Complete your E-Commerce channel offering with online payment solutions. OTT Pay’s E-Commerce solutions help businesses get set up for online payments quickly and market their products and services to more mobile payment users locally and globally.

OTT Pay works with merchants to develop online products and initiatives that will help them increase online traffic and boost their sales, such as:

Gift cards and Discount Cards

Customers can purchase through the OTT Pay digital card platform—using RMB—through WeChat Pay or Alipay, and that can be used in-store on online.

Loyalty Programs

Merchants can add to their online store to sell memberships and give their best customers access to new products and special offers.

WeChat Mini-Programs

Mini apps within the WeChat ecosystem – that don’t need to be downloaded or installed to be used, and that are displayed on the WeChat Discovery page – give WeChat users instant access to your online store.