A wide array of

Handy tools to augment your business.

OTT Pay is your end-to-end service provider and partner. We offer a wide range of technologies and services that can help you promote your business to new markets, collect more payments on-the-go, and track the success of your efforts.

Our Merchant Toolkit includes:

  • Multicultural Marketing.

    Gain visibility and spread the word about your business in target ethnic communities with OTT Pay’s customized marketing services.

    Canada is evolving into a vibrant cultural mosaic, welcoming 1.23 million newcomers annually. In a dynamic global landscape, our goal is to assist our merchant partners in adapting to this wealth of increasing diversity. With OTT Pay's World of Payments platform, you can accept multiple international e-wallets from diverse customers. But how do you communicate this advantage?

    To help tap into newcomer revenue streams, OTT Pay has a keen understanding of the respective marketing channels and media you need to access to reach key segments. We offer the tools to help amplify your messaging with our Marketing Services.

    Our Marketing Services include:

    Strategy & Planning

    Campaign budget & goals

    Content Development

    Create the right messaging & design

    Creative Services

    Produce striking visual communications

    Media Buying

    Leverage OTT Pay’s preferred media partnership rates

    H5 Page Design

    Easy to share mobile optimized web pages


    Don’t speak the language? No problem, we can help

    Digital & Social Media

    Target audiences on popular social platforms

    Public Relations

    Get media exposure in the right news publications


    Put on an interactive event to meet new clients

    Influencer Marketing

    Leverage the strong following of key opinion leaders

    OTT Pay is the official payment and marketing partner of:
    Payment partners
    This relationship gives us access to unique advertising and marketing opportunities available on their platforms, which enables us to offer targeted social media initiatives, and location-based digital and mass marketing services for our clients.
    WeChat Official Account Set-Up
    WeChat Moment Advertisement
    WeChat Mini Programs
    Alipay Discover Platform
  • Remote Pay Options.

    Collect payments on-the-go with our versatile device-free Remote Payment Options

    OTT Pay’s In-Store payment solutions are backed with technologies that enable you to collect payment through different methods than just the POS Terminal, wherever your customers are.

    QR Code Payments

    OTT Pay provides a variety of methods for QR Code Payments, including:
    Invoice QR
    Merchants can create payment QR Codes through the OTT Pay mobile App and share the link via email, text or social media.
    On-the-spot Mobile QR
    The OTT Pay app generates QR codes right on the merchant’s device for payment in-person, on-the-go.
    Static QR Code
    Merchants can use a printed QR. The customer scans the QR and enters the payment info in their E-Wallet. Ideal for applications where merchants don’t want to incur the cost of a stand-alone terminal or integrated solution.
    Mini Program
    Accept payment within the merchant’s own WeChat and Alipay mini-programs applications.
    H5 Mobile Web Solution
    OTT Pay’s HTML 5 mobile solutions allow merchants to add this convenient QR payment option to a webpage or Mini Program

    Remote Payment Link

    Use the OTT Merchant Centre to create a remote payment link that functions like a QR code payment, and accepts International E-Wallets.
    Merchants can customize messaging, set the payment amount and schedule timing, then send the payment link to the customer. A payment link can be automatically sent by email, and you can check the transaction details any time. It takes only 3 easy steps:
    It takes only 3 easy steps:

    Step 1

    Login to the OTT Merchant Centre on PC or Mobile.

    Step 2

    Select ‘Create Payment Link’ and enter the amount or memo to create a remote payment code.

    Step 3

    Copy the link or send it by email to your customer.
  • Reporting Analytics.

    Be in-the-know with Web based and Mobile App Reporting Dashboards

    Get real-time data and powerful sales reporting at your fingertips through OTT Pay’s intuitive Reporting Dashboards. Leverage our powerful analytics tools to gain real-time insights into the sales trends and data that are driving your business, and track key metrics like revenue, preferred payment methods.

    You can conveniently access your transaction and daily sales reporting through:

    Web based back-office
    Supports real time transaction monitoring
    Refund authenticating
    Daily / monthly report downloading
    Setup different user levels and roles
    Download static QR code
    Send remote payment links
    Receive transaction notifications
    Available in English, French, Chinese
    OTT Pay Mobile App
    Intuitive dashboard at your fingertips
    Review performance over time periods
    Check daily transactions
    Customizable reporting
    Initiate refunds
    Generate QR Codes for selling on the spot

Merchant Toolkit Benefits.

Easy Set Up

You can’t wait to start doing business, which is why our stress-free setup helps you easily integrate our products and services to hit the ground running.

Supportive Customer Service

Get in touch any time by phone and connect with a real person with real answers. Ready to assist you with everything from setting up to troubleshooting.

Cross Channel Tracking

Integrate all the sales from the POS to E-Commerce payments to QR Scans all in one portal to give a holistic view of business.

Added Value

These are just the added benefits that come standard in partnering with OTT Pay.