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Discover the E-Bridge Loyalty Rewards platform that grows your revenue and builds lasting relationships with customers.
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E-Bridge by OTT Pay is a customizable Loyalty Rewards solution that helps drive your business and improve customer retention. The simple online portal provides self-serve tools so you can easily create, distribute, and manage your promotions while tracking their success. Additionally, E-Bridge provides you with a CRM solution with simplified enrolment so you can effectively stay in contact with customers and remain top of mind.

Loyal Customers

Transform your business by automating with


Motivate repeat purchases & attract new customers with

Exclusive Offers.

Exclusive Offers

Get to Know Your Customers

The E-Bridge CRM tool allows you to build databases of your customers, view their buying behaviours, and extract meaningful analytics.

Engage & Build Relationships

Keep an ongoing dialogue with your customers by communicating with them frequently through the e-Bridge portal.

Promote & Share Offers

Get the word out about all your promotions through our omnichannel marketing tools supported by E-Bridge which include landing pages and social media.

Redeem & Earn Retention

Satisfied customers keep coming back! Once they successfully use E-Bridge generated offers for seamless savings, they'll want to return and repeat.

e-Bridge opened our eyes to the power of customer engagement and helped us establish strong lasting relationships with our valued clients.

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OTT Financial Group of Companies

e--Bridge platform

4 Promotion Options to reward
your customers, and you.



Finally, a digital version of the frequency card that nobody can lose! Automate your customer loyalty and create electronic “punch cards” with our self-serve platform.

Bundle & Save

With e-vouchers you can pre-sell a quantity of goods or services at a discounted rate, ensuring that customers return and redeem habitually.

Spend & Get

This classic promotion is still a favourite. Set a minimum spend level for customers to qualify, and they can receive a specified percentage off. Always a winner!

Flexible Bonus

We offer an open Coupon tool that gives you the flexibility to offer promotions that meet your unique purposes and are easily redeemable in your store.
With each Promotion type, customers receive a unique QR code they can simply scan at checkout for redemption.

e-Bridge Integration

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Web Browser

Web Browser

Access the E-Bridge portal and create customized promotions

Smart POS Terminal

For optimal efficiency, we recommend integrating e-Bridge with the OTT Pay Smart Terminal.
Smart POS Terminal


For non OTT Pay merchants, we're happy to serve you with a mobile app to facilitate the redemption and tracking of promotions.

Share the


E-Bridge makes it easy for to boost your promotional offer across marketing channels. We provide different formats for ease of sharing and publishing through a range of media.
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Share your Promotional Offer via:

  • Your Website
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media Channels
  • Print an In-store Standee
  • Email Blasts
  • Banner Ads

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