Is your business ready for Lunar New Year? Here are 8 marketing tips to help you

Feb 9, 2021
2 minutes Read
Maximize sales during Lunar New Year with our top marketing strategies tailored for the evolving Chinese consumer culture. Boost your growth!
Is your business ready for Lunar New Year? Here are 8 marketing tips to help you

Chinese New Year (CNY) also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, falls on February 12 this year. It will kick off the Year of the Ox, a zodiac Chinese animal that symbolizes diligence, strength, and resilience. And it’s in that spirit that retailers are getting ready for this big holiday centered around shopping to make up for the disruption and lost sales of the past year.

With millions of people globally celebrating Lunar New Year, retailers have a golden opportunity to promote their brands to a powerful consumer market if they use the right strategy. Here are 8 marketing tips to help your business make the most of LNY:

  1. Start now! Chinese customers have been researching products for 3-4 weeks already.
  1. Integrate Chinese traditions and customs into your marketing strategy—the Ox, famiy feasts, Red Packets, the colour red and gold—are all elements that should be incorporated in the visuals and copy that you create for your LNY campaign.
  1. Offer LNY customized or limited-edition products and services.
  1. Get online. Although we’re starting to see the end of COVID, many countries still have strict social distancing measures in place, which means that customers will favour online shopping. Make sure your e-Commerce platforms are operational, and that you offer customers shopping apps and mobile payment options.
  1. Include the latest trends—livestreaming, digital consultation, personalized online events—in your marketing strategy to make sure your reach customers at home.
  1. Continue promoting your brand after LNY. Chinese customers will have received Red Packet envelops and will have lots of extra money to spend once the holiday is over.
  1. Take advantage of platforms and programs such as Alipay, WeChat Moments, and WeChat Mini Programs to target specific consumers.
  1. If your digital marketing budget is limited, focus on coupons and special promotions. They are deeply rooted in Chinese consumer culture and Chinese shoppers will expect and look for them on LNY.

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