5 Blogs to Keep you Current in Fintech

Jul 27, 2021
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Master fintech with insights from top blogs, covering trends, innovations, and influential discussions that shape finance technology.
5 Blogs to Keep you Current in Fintech

Fintech is one of the most exciting and explosive areas in the contemporary banking, business and consumer landscape. Whatever industry you’re in, you are feeling the impact of financial technology. To stay current and discover all the ways Fintech can work for you, follow these 5 blogs by trusted Fintech experts.

Tom Groenfeldt – Fintech – News and Analysis

Those who follow Fintech news know that topics can get complicated. That’s why readers head to Tom Gorenfeldt’s Fintech News and Analysis blog. A freelance writer who started out in journalism, Tom’s a financial technology expert who knows how to break down complex topics and explain things clearly. Tom covers Fintech for Forbes and The Financial Brand in the US and writes about banking for International Finance Magazine. His blog focuses on technology developments in capital markets, wholesale and retail banking, and it’s a great place for in-depth and rigorous analysis and sound advice on subjects like payments, compliance, security and monetary policy. Tom was among the top 25 global finserv influencers in 2015.

Chris Skinner – The Finanser

EU-based financial technology expert Chris Skinner, voted one of the most influential people in banking and financial technology, writes go-to blog The Finanser. As a frequent invited speaker at international forums, presenting alongside world and industry leaders, Chris has deep experience in the Fintech domain and exceptional access to fresh international perspectives. His blog is a top source for the latest independent commentary on tech trends in the financial world.

Fans who can’t get enough of Chris’s blog turn to Chris’s recent books on Fintech, digital transformation and the internet of value – Doing Digital, ValueWeb, Digital Bank – as well as the bestselling Digital Humans. Chris is CEO of his own research and media firm focused on Fintech and the future of finance, Chair of the European networking forum the Financial Services Club and Nordic Finance Innovation, and sits on advisory boards of multiple Fintech and financial companies.

Pascal Bouvier – Fini Culture

Fini Culture is brought to you by innovator, entrepreneur and Fintech venture capitalist Pascal Bouvier. The blog is celebrated for Pascal’s unique vantage point and for its humour. Pascal makes complex topics easy to understand and makes them fun. Who said Fintech couldn’t be exciting? Pascal is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of MiddleGame Ventures, a Fintech venture firm focused on early stage Fintech startups.

Pascal’s decades of banking, business and startup experience in Europe, Japan and the US make him an expert commentator on banking, financial services and software, and he has unmatched expertise in the VC domain. Readers head to Fini Culture to read about Pascal’s current interests in emerging and high-growth FinServ, blockchain, banking as a platform, insurance, as well as AI in financial services.

The Fintech Times – https://theFintechtimes.com/

As the world’s first and only newspaper dedicated to technology in finance, London-based The Fintech Times is the must-read source for everyone in the field. The site gets more than 65,000 unique hits every month. Issues are published bi-monthly. Access the digital versions online and subscribe to their weekly newsletter. If you need a break from digital, you can even sign up to have the physical newspaper edition mailed to you at no charge.

The Fintech Times is a trusted source, known for high-quality content. It blends editorial insights and observational journalism to provide a wide-ranging, balanced and up-to-date look at all the hot topics and essential issues faced by Fintech professionals – in PayTech, RegTech, Banking transformation, Open Banking, Blockchain, WealthTech and Insurtech. The perspective is international, with Guest Editors and analysts reporting from all around the world. The website hosts other content, too, such as exclusives, insights, podcasts, white papers, webinars and infographics.

Jessica Ellerm – https://jessicaellerm.com/

Australian Jessica Ellerm’s blog is a place to read about Fintech’s intersection with social, economic and cultural issues and trends, like Millennials, Neuroscience and Generation Squeeze. The core tenet of her blog is that there’s a revolution taking place in banking, investment and the payments industry, and it’s being led by technology. Jessica’s research touches on Bitcoin, AI in Fintech and investing, wealth management, mobile payments, pension tech, and more. Jessica got her start in Fintech working for Tyro, Australia’s premiere payments startup. She then became Co-Founder and CEO of Zuper, a Fintech wealth startup for retirement savings investing, which she successfully sold in 2019. That same year, Jessica was voted Emerging Fintech Leader of the Year by Fintech Australia.

One thing’s certain – Fintech is changing daily. Save time finding out what what’s happening with updates from these known industry insiders.

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