Scan to Order WeChat Mini Program for Canadian Restaurants

Dec 21, 2021
3 minutes Read
Drive small business growth through our WeChat Mini Program, offering contactless payment and increased restaurant efficiency. Join now!
Scan to Order WeChat Mini Program for Canadian Restaurants

Customers are hungry for easier ordering and payment options and OTT Pay is excited to help Canadian brick-and-mortar restaurants deliver just that. We’re offering an exciting new program that lets customers view menus, order, and pay through WeChat using the merchant’s very own Mini Program and QR codes conveniently displayed in the restaurant.

The program is open now and available to physical restaurant venues across Canada. Apply now and enjoy no transaction fees until March 31, 2022.

What are the program requirements?

The merchant enables WeChat Pay in the WeChat Mini Program (after July 31, 2021) using a unique Merchant ID (MID). Then, the merchant conducts a minimum of one successful WeChat Pay transaction for a minimum of RMB10.00 (about $2.00) using the MID. The Merchant deploys the WeChat Mini Program QR code(s) (QRC) in store. Finally, the merchant submits supporting information, including photos of the inside and outside of the restaurant, photos of the QRC deployed, the Mini Program AppID, a screenshot of the Mini Program and a valid transaction record.

What are the merchant benefits?

Merchants enjoy no transaction fees for using WeChat Pay during the Mini Program campaign. Plus, qualified merchants are eligible for up to $190 in financial support to cover Mini Program development and deployment.

Restaurants are able to offer their customers improved efficiency and a better experience with reduced risk. Ordering and paying through the Mini Program means fewer line-ups, faster orders, and seamless, contactless payment. Merchants benefit from reduced labour demand and improved customer satisfaction.

How does it benefit customers?

The Mini Program delivers what customers love – the ease and convenience of contactless ordering and payment, with no more line-ups! Using WeChat Pay lets customers use Chinese Yuan funds directly and electronic transactions make record-keeping easy to manage.

What’s the process?

First, we help you get enabled. You, the merchant, provide supporting documents, including business registration, owner information, store photos, and banking information. Then, OTT Pay reviews the documents and generates a Merchant ID.

Next comes the Mini Program build. You meet with OTT Pay and the Mini Program developer to determine program requirements. Then you apply for a Mini Program AppID. After that, the Mini Program and the menu are built.

Next, QR codes are created and displayed in-store – wherever is preferred – often on tables or on the door. Merchants are trained on how to use the portal and run a program test.

After everything’s set up, we provide after-sales services, such as assistance making menu changes and other content changes.

Is my restaurant eligible?

The program is open to Canadian restaurants. Eligible merchants must apply for a WeChat Mini Program Merchant ID, must have WeChat Pay and the WeChat Mini Program enabled, and must conduct (or have conducted) a transaction greater or equal to RMB 10 before March 31, 2022.

To register, or for more information, visit, contact us at 800.688.9838 or email us at